Best of 2018 Jacksonville
Best of 2018 Jacksonville
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Proud Sponsor of First Coast BUCCS Football


Northside Animal Hospital services go beyond routine pet care.
Military service dog inspires Vietnam War vet to become a veterinarian.
Northside Animal Hospital’s 3rd Annual Santa Paws picture day
Northside Animal Hospital’s 3rd Annual Santa Paws picture day

I love this place! The doctors and the staff are fantastic!
– Andrew R.

I appreciate that you make me feel like part of a family. Thanks for taking care of my puppies, I know they feel welcome, as well.
– James P.

Love Dr. Sevelius and his staff. They have helped many, many of my pets and are very thoughtful in the process.
-William C. Highsmith

I have all the respect for Northside Animal Hosp. The staff is most friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel like I’m at home. The Dr.’s are the GREATEST!!!!! Dr. Branch saved Thor’s life and for that we will always be grateful.
-Lester Griffis

Hello Jennifer and all of your staff.
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful donations you provided for us here at the Highlands Branch Library. I have come to you previously with my animals. You have a wonderful staff and perform excellent services.
I really enjoyed each time I came into your office.
Beverly Mason
(otherwise known as Jean Russell’s granddaughter)
Pets: Ginger, BJ, and Midnight

To: Northside Animal Hospital Staff:
This past Monday, I took my German Shepherd, Ava to Northside Animal Hospital for her annual with Dr. Branch. While there, something happened in the waiting room which still moves me and I just have to share this touching story with you.

When we entered your office, there was a man sitting there with his dog. His dog was about 50 pounds, and was comfortably bedded inside a wire crate. While I talked with the front desk, Ava walked over to greet his dog. They sniffed each other through the crates wires. We sat down then Ava walked back over to the crate. She sniffed the dog once again, then sat down across from the man and looked at him for a while. She walked around the crate next to him, and gently pushed him with her nose. He reluctantly reached for her to pet her. Knowing that many people are afraid to pet a strange dog, especially a large breed like a German Shepherd, I told him, You can pet her if you like. Ava is a friendly dog. He petted her and Ava licked his face, pushed him again with her nose and then came back to sit with me.

I asked the man, So, what is it with your doggy? Suddenly, he started to cry and in tears he said, She’s gonna be put to sleep. Ava walked back over to him and licked his tears. The tech came in the waiting room and called him in. She wanted to help him carry the crate, which was quite heavy, but he insisted to carry it all by himself. He walked in, the door was closed behind him and Ava and I were alone in the waiting room. Ava knew what was going on, before I did. She usually does not walk up to a stranger, pushing and licking the face; she usually only sniffs the strangers hand for a greeting. But that day, was different. She felt this man’s pain and gave him comfort. What a wonderful gesture of unconditional love! I was proud of Ava for doing what she did. She is smart and a very good dog. It also made me think about the little time we have with our pets. We will be in this mans situation one day, but until this moment arrives, we should enjoy every single day we have with our pets. And with the help of our vet, we make sure that our pets stay in good shape along the way, until it is time to say good-bye. I want to thank the entire team of Northside Animal Hospitalfor doing a wonderful job, especially Dr. Branch, Mrs. Gladis and Amanda who have accompanied Ava for the past 5 years from puppyhood on.

Marlies McKie

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To the wonderful Staff at Northside Animal Hospital,
Bill & I can’t thank you enough for the awesome care you gave to our Angus. We believe you saved his life. Thank you for your professionalism in our time of need. Your caring and compassion came shining through and we’re so glad that we have chosen you to care for Angus and Princess as our veterinary services. We’ll never forget what you’ve done for Angus.

Many Thanks,
Andy and Bill Nichols

Dear Northside Animal Hospital;
I took our dog Lucy to you last Monday suspecting she had a UTI. The doctor said she might have, and we also discussed issues with possible allergies. The doctor even took the time to show me where and how it might be affecting her.

I missed your call when you called to check on her. I wanted to let you know that I very much appreciated our first visit to our office and your great service. We intend to use your office from now on moving forward. The doctor put her on antibiotics and recommended trying 180 mg of Allegra for her allergies. Since she has started both, her UTI symptoms AND the licking of her paws etc. have stopped. I just wanted to thank ya’ll. I will recommend your office whenever I can!

D. Vincent